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Thanks to the decades of hard work of our people of color in our communities, coalition groups and political leaders, New Mexicans came together in 2020 to repeal an unconstitutional, outdated, pre-Roe v. Wade statute that criminalized abortion in almost all circumstances.


We wanted to prepare for the fall of Roe v. Wade falls, protecting access to safe and legal care in New Mexico — And we won.

Reproductive healthcare
is NOT a crime

Every person deserves access to safe and legal healthcare without fear or penalty.

Healthcare providers should not be criminally charged for providing care that people need.



of rural New Mexicans agreed that they could hold their own moral views about abortion and still trust a woman and her family to make decisions about abortion for themselves,


of rural New Mexicans surveyed agreed, “Whether due to the loss of pregnancy, abortion care, or prenatal care, women deserve to be supported + respected and not shamed when seeking reproductive healthcare.”


Native Americans in New Mexico believe they can hold their own moral views about abortion and still trust a woman and her family to make this decision for themselves.”


Of Catholics agreed that they could hold their own moral views about abortion and still trust a woman and her family to make decisions about abortion for themselves

Even after the SCOTUS ruling on Roe, is abortion still legal in New Mexico?


In New Mexico, we stand firm in our values of respect and compassion.  Abortion care is healthcare, and we will remain steadfast in our work for timely access to quality reproductive healthcare for New Mexico families and others coming to our state to receive care. 







Make your own decisions about sexual and reproductive health care.

Receive care without experiencing discrimination.

Get an abortion, have a baby, or get contraception without anyone else's permission but your own.

Get tested or treated for STIs without anyone else's permission but your own.

You do not have to tell health center staff if you are undocumented or that you do not have a social security number. 

Ok, but what about

Self-Managed Abortion?

Yup, still legal and accessible! 

State-level bans are on the rise, but abortion is unstoppable.

Anti-abortion politicians who know nothing about our lives have no business making decisions for us about if, when and how we choose to start or grow a family. We need clinics in our communities and pills in our hands. Before we get to abortion pills, let’s talk about self-managed abortion!




Get to Know Us

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What is self-managed abortion?

Self-managed abortion (SMA) is a way to end a pregnancy outside a clinical setting. Abortion pills are prescribed by a doctor and taken in the privacy and comfort of the pregnant person’s chosen, private space. 

When prescribed, a person

takes the first part of the medication, mifepristone, blocking the progesterone from further developing the pregnancy.

Then, the person takes the second part of the medication, misoprostol, causing the uterus to contract.

How can I get 

Abortion Pills in My Hands?

Hold up! You may be in a state that restricts access to abortion, but there are other ways of access that may still be possible. Try these methods:

Aid Access

Online Pharmacies

Thankfully, abortion funds are in most states, including New Mexico, and are ready to get you the help you need.

Mail Forwarding

Pickup in Mexico

Visit Plan C Pills to Learn More

Need help paying for your pills?

Mariposa Fund

Indigenous Women Rising

New Mexico Religious Coalition 

for Reproductive Choice

Not in New Mexico? Find your nearest fund

These funds also accept donations!

Have more questions or need emotional support?

You've got your pills and you're ready to go. If you have more questions or need someone to talk to, help is only a call, text, or click away!

M+A Hotline: 

The Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline team is made up of pro-abortion clinicians with years of experience in caring for miscarriage and abortion. They will not ask for names of personal information and are available to call or text.

Exhale Pro-Voice Hotline: 

Exhale is a talkline service that helps individuals process their feelings and emotions around abortion. 

All-Options Helpline

The All-Options Helpline offers unbiased, judgement-free support to individuals in the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including pregnancy, abortion, adoption, parenting, miscarriage, after-abortion, and infertility.

If/When/How Legal Helpline

If/When/How's free, confidential helpline gives information about your legal rights regarding self-managed abortion. The information is clear about legal rights, what the law is, and how it has been used.


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SASS: Self Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported
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