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Myth Busting

So you're ready to squash the lies and bust some myths? Let's give you all the ammo you need to fight back, with quick and easy talking points. You'll even get scientific facts and medically accurate information to fuel your fire.

You got this!

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As you may already know, our communities experience disparities in the quality of our sex ed, leaving an opening for lies spread by Crisis Pregnancy Centers + other inaccurate informers

We'll break down the right-wing agenda and how to fight back.


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How many times have you heard abortion later in pregnancy being referred to as "late-term abortion"? The GOP and anti-abortion opponents don't considering the lived experiences of people who need abortion care later in their pregnancy.


Together, we'll squash those myths and place the importance back to our people.

Abortion Later in Pregnancy

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Anti-abortion organizations and individuals are trying to manipulate our medical + personal decisions and experiences around pregnancy loss to distract from their harmful agendas. 


We'll dive in together and help you squash their plans.

Born Alive

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The false narrative of “Abortion Pill Reversal” has been pushed by Republicans and other anti-abortion individuals for some time on various places like television and radio and work hard to spread their lies all over social media.


We can't let them continue to spread their lies anymore. Let's go!

Abortion Pill Reversal

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